Standard Mast 10.7m

The Standard Mast 10.7m is a substantial free standing mast built to exacting standards and is the preferred antenna support system of our range. It was the first type of mast we made and is the mast from which all our other masts are derived.
  • Capable of supporting a wide range of antennae
  • Can be simultaneously used for UHF, VHF and HF antennas of medium size


Outer mast and ground post 90 x 90mm RHS
Inner mast 76.1mm OD CHS
Ground socket 1mm sheet folded
Rotator housing Fabricated plate and tube welded construction

Construction and Finish

Welded using MIG process

Galvanised to ISO 1461


Ground post length 2.4m 1.45m above ground
Outer mast length 5.2m (17′)
Inner mast length 5.95m (19’6″)
Mast tilted over 1.4m (4’6″)
Mast vertical lowered 5.95m (19’6″)
Mast vertical raised 10.3m (33’9″)

Head Load Capacity

Nominal 25kg
Maximum 50kg

eg: A compact H.F. tribander and 2m co-linear. Guying recommended when raised in windy conditions



For safety, the DL1200 Friction braked winch can be supplied as an option, at additional cost.


  • In one cubic metre of concrete, supplied by the user.
  • Ground socket is installed in the concrete, allowing easy ground post removal.

Stub Mast

Any alloy pole up to 48.3mm OD can be accommodated, and should be restricted to a maximum length of 2.5m, ie 1.8m above the rotator cage.


The mast is delivered in two packages, complete and ready to install.

Shipping weight 135kg.