Lightweight Mast 7.6m

The Lightweight Mast is the correct choice when a free standing mast is required and the antenna load will fall within the suggested limits.
  • Ideal for installation in the grounds of a bungalow or similar, where overall height is either a constraint or not needed
  • Suitable for lightweight VHF and/or HF antennae
  • With a 2 pulley tiltover system of mast operation, an excess load can be applied to the cable if the head load is too great


Outer mast and ground post 70 x 70mm RHS
Inner mast 60.3 OD CHS
Ground socket 1mm sheet folded
Rotator housing Not supplied as standard

Construction and Finish

Welded using MIG process

Galvanised to ISO 1461


Ground post length 1.9m (1.4m above ground)
Outer mast length 3.8m (12’6″)
Inner mast length 4.4m (14’6″)
Mast tilted over 1.4m (4’6″)
Mast vertical lowered 4.4m (14’6″)
Mast vertical raised 7.6m (25′)

Head Load Capacity

Nominal 18kg
Maximum 25kg

eg: A compact H.F. tribander and 2m co-linear. Guying recommended when raised in windy conditions



For safety, the DL 800 Friction braked winch can be supplied as an option, at additional cost.


  • In one metre square by half metre deep concrete, supplied by the user.
  • Ground socket is installed in the concrete, allowing easy ground post removal.

Stub Mast

If the optional Rotator cage is supplied, the stub mast should not exceed 2m, ie 1.5m above top of the cage.


The mast is delivered in two packages, complete and ready to install.

Shipping weight 75kg