About Tennamast Masts

Tennamast is a leading manufacturer of permanent masts and mobile masts for both commercial and domestic use. Established over 30 years ago, we are recognised globally for setting new standards in the creation of top quality radio mast products which offer high performance, exceptional durability and value for money.

Our masts are used by many different sectors including: communication/broadband, security, traffic management and energy, with applications ranging from airport windsocks and navigation lights, to satellite dishes, raio masts, mobile phone receivers, CCTV and solar panels.

Our customers include: telecom & broadband companies; Police, Fire & Emergency services; Mountain Rescue; Lifeboat Service; British Waterways; Clydeport Authority; Ministry of Defence; Met Office; utility companies and renewable energy companies.

Tennamast products are also the number one choice of amateur radio enthusiasts operating in the UK seeking a radio mast.

Manufactured by our specialist team of engineers at our base in Scotland, our masts:

  • are made from best materials on the market, by highly skilled engineers
  • can withstand severe climatic conditions, including windspeeds of up to 150kph
  • are fully galvanised to BS ISO 1461
  • are easily operated by one person
  • are designed to ensure optimum operator safety
  • are fully tested before leaving our site

Offering a consistent, highly personal service, we also supply bespoke solutions.