Motorboat Prop Stands

With the ability to be linked together with chain, plus the additional option of ground anchors, our motor boat stand design far surpasses the older ‘oil drum’ approach.
Tennamast Prop Stands are ideal for the time conscious marina operator, with thousands now in use across the UK and further afield.

Prop Boat Stand key features:

  •  Accommodates all sizes of motorboat
  • Offers large area carpeted hull pads and specially manufactured adjusters
  • Can be folded flat for transportation and storage
  • Manufactured using the MIG welding process and galvanising to ISO 1461, offering a long, trouble-free life.
  • Optional ‘V’ pad available on all boat prop stands
  • Keel supports designed to save time by eliminating blocks of wood
  • Tripod stands specifically designed to support catamarans

Boat Prop Stand sizes:

  • Mini Prop – adjustable in height from 480mm – 640mm
  • Small Prop – adjustable in height from 680mm – 1150mm
  • Large Prop – adjustable in height from 1060mm – 1800mm
  • Extra Large Prop- adjustable in height from 1350mm – 2100mm
  • Keel Support – adjustable in height from 530mm – 700mm
  • Tripod Stand – adjustable in height from 800mm – 1700mm
  • Bespoke sizes available on request