Yacht Cradles and Boat Stands for Marinas

UK manufactured boat cradle delivered to marinas across the UK and also in Europe. As an award winning cradle manufacturer with 30 years industry experience, we offer:

  • the widest range of cradle designs in the UK for boat safety and security
  • expert knowledge on cradle suitability
  • quick and easy to set up products, for multiple boat sizes and types
  • bespoke solutions
  • cradle personalisation for easy owner identification and inspection purposes
  • products which meet full Health & Safety requirements
  • cradle set-up service

Special price packages for marinas – yacht and boat cradle, mast and trailer UK manufactured products

We can offer our boat cradle marina customers significant cost savings with volume orders. With our extensive knowledge of the cradle manufacturing process and the raw materials involved, we can negotiate special discounts with our suppliers for volume orders. We can also help you save further by negotiating the best shipping cost for your delivery.

In addition, we can also save you time and money by supplying, at a competitive cost, specialist personnel to travel to your marina to erect the yacht cradles. This is a popular, hassle-free option with many marinas, as it allows their on-site staff to carry on with their normal, day-to-day operational duties, while their cradles are quickly and efficiently erected.